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It all started with a mother's dream... and a burning passion.

The Dream
It had always been Dulce's dream to produce the best-tasting and the highest-quality cupcakes in the Philippines, and to share these to millions of her countrymen at a very reasonable price.

The Passion
She had always been very passionate about cupcakes.  She loves anything and everything about cupcakes.   She thoroughly studied and immersed herself in the wonderful world of these delightful treats.  When she talks about cupcakes, you can be sure she KNOWS what she's talking about.

The Success

She set-up Lemon Square in the Philippines and produced countless tasty cupcake treats - chocolate cupcakes, cheese cupcakes, ube cupcakes and so on.  These were sold in supermarkets, groceries, food shops and other retail establishments.  And lo and behold, Lemon Square became a big hit!  Over the years, many Filipinos have appreciated and enjoyed these treats.  The people have thus acknowledged and responded positively to her dream!

But even with her astounding success with Lemon Square, she never stopped dreaming of greater things.  And dream of greater things she did!

The Dream Continues
Part of her dream had always been to put up a shop where people could buy freshly-made, world-class cupcakes and take these goodies home to their families or give them as gifts to family and friends.

So once again, with her dream and passion hand-in-hand, she traveled halfway across the globe to the best cupcake places in New York and Italy, and made sure that she became well-versed with all the latest flavors, ideas and trends in this delightful confection.

But this time, she shared the knowledge with her son Ernest, who had also by then developed a keen interest in cupcakes.  Having grown up surrounded by her mother's wonderful cupcake creations, his familiarity and awareness about what constituted high-quality cupcakes have only strengthened and deepened through the years.

Now both the mother and son's shared dreams and passions, combined with an impeccable track record derived from years of experience in the cupcake industry, have become the driving force behind Frostings Cupcakes - retail stores that feature freshly-made, high-quality cupcakes that people can share with their families and friends.

The Vision of the Future
Frostings Cupcakes is envisioned to be the premiere destination for cupcakes in the Philippines.  It will strive for that through constant improvement, and strict adherence to the highest standards of quality.

Frostings Cupcakes started with a dream and a passion.  As many can attest, when these two things meet and combine, there's absolutely no challenge that can't be surmounted, there's no goal that can't be achieved, and there's no vision that can't be realized.

Frostings Cupcakes is a clear testament to that.

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