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Our kitchen represents the heart and soul of our operations.

Our cupcakes are meticulously prepared using only the finest ingredients and the best equipment, observing only the strictest of quality standards, in a clean and spotless environment.

Our cupcakes are made fresh daily by our bakers who seriously take to heart the essence of the Frostings cupcake - delicious, comforting and high-quality.  Each day, our bakers competently rise up to the challenge of bringing you the best quality cupcakes in the freshest condition possible.  They spend the day in the kitchen and stay there as long as necessary to ensure that the quality of the cupcakes is uncompromised.

We have invested heavily in equipment and logistics to make sure that our products reach our stores in an efficient and timely manner.  We have taken extra care to ensure that the cupcakes' freshness remains undiminished even during the transporting phase. And at the end of the day, we take all unsold products and make sure that these are not re-sold the following day.

We also make sure that we are in the forefront of new trends in the industry by constantly undertaking product development.  Our kitchen has become our laboratory for developing and testing new flavors, new variants and new product presentation techniques to ensure that we provide our market with cupcakes that they want and served how they want it.

As you can see, our kitchen processes - from sifting, to mixing, to baking, to decorating and ultimately to delivery to our stores - have been so designed to make sure that each Frostings cupcake carries with it all the goodness and freshness that we intend for you to experience and enjoy.

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